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June 26, 2016

GUESS WHAT THE TRANSFER BROUGHT!! By the title of this email you might be able to tell I am still in Sansar (outer space is the translation). I have been in Sansar for 8 months and by the end of this transfer it will be 10 months!! (this transfer is 2 months long) 

Now for my companion.....*Drum roll*...... SISTER HARTLEY!!!!! ONE OF MY MTC COMPANIONS!!!! can we get holla!! HOLLA!! (: #stoked!!

Lets rewind to Tuesday of last week so Sister Guild and I were with our investigator going to a members house. I could remember all of the members address BUT I CAN NEVER REMEMBER THE FLOOR PEOPLE LIVE ON!? So Sister guild always remembers it but she had only been to this members house 1 time before so we both thought it was floor 6 I think and then we went and knocked and our investigator said "what if this is wrong?" and I said "then we run" and we knocked again on the door and sister guild pointed to our investigator and said, "bi nadaas iluu huurdan guej chadna" which translates to mean I can run faster than myself!! when she meant to say I can run faster than you. It was too funny. we all got a good laugh! (: 

We had a less active call us up this week and told us she wanted to meet!! So you cant say NO to that!! (: #yay

One of my student last week were doing a dialog and they always make sure to tell me when they are done and they yell FINISHED! or DONE! but after that i also tell them create their own based off of the dialog and then So this one boy went to yell finished but he said "FINI-" and then he said to his partner "create our own". I've got them soo trained they know exactly what I will say next haha!! (:

So I just hit my 1 year and 3 months mark on Saturday but where ever I tell members I've been a missionary for that long I feel like I'm lying to them. Just because I don't feel like its been that long!!

President Benson had a farewell fireside and he mentioned that sometimes we feel like miracles are the ones that happen instantly. If he were to plant a seed and it were to instantly grow we would all think that is a miracle but then he mentioned sometimes the greatest miracles need time. But that doesn't mean it is any less of a miracle. Also that we each have our own miracles and conversion stories. He shared the story where on his mission, Him and his companion went to church early at 8 to set up the chairs for church.  Then a new member walked in super early. President Benson asked him why he was early. He was a poor man who worked in the countryside and mentioned he didn't own a watch so the man because he didn't want to be late he had gotten up early according to the sun and had walked from the countryside to the church!!! HE WALKED!!!! He sacrificed and we all have sacrifice stories similar to this, but I'm grateful to be serving here among some great miracles.

We had two miracles get baptized yesterday! I was very grateful to be apart of it. The one we had taught since February! She has grown so much! But her mother was baptized 18 years ago by President Benson and her mother was pregnant with her then, So it was her second time getting baptized haha! just kidding and the other one she moved from another ward and had received the lessons twice before finishing her lessons with us for the third time but didn't have her parents written permission because her parents live in the countryside! Sometimes the greatest miracles just take time! (: Their testimonies were so great! and the spirit was so strong. It was days like yesterday that makes me want to be a missionary for FOREVER!! (:

I'm not sure I could have asked for better! This week was good! and Sister Hartley and I will be unpacking today we moved into a new apartment in our area on Saturday! So yay for less travel time now! (: Life is good and I am choosing to be happy! 

Sister Bennett (:

yay for baptisms this is deggi!

I love this family!

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