Sunday, August 28, 2016

Sometimes things have to get harder before they get easier.

August 14th
Sometimes things have to get harder before they get easier.

Last Friday I started having a pain in my side.  It hurt to breathe and hurt worse to cough. I didn’t want to be a complainer so I really tried hard not to complain. It even hurt to sleep on that side. But it was bearable, so I just bore it. I was also having these silly wheezy coughs. Then Monday night I remember praying more sincerely that it would go away and then Tuesday morning it was hurting worse. So after personal study I prayed even more sincerely than before. Then we were getting ready to leave the house to go teach English and we pray right before we leave the house and right as we were about to pray I’m pretty sure it just got worse and I couldn’t handle the pain anymore and just started crying. A few moments later the Mission doctor’s wife, Sister Sutphin, knocks on our door to bring the other sister something (Sometimes God send little miracles right to your door). Then after I was able to get the pain to calm down we walked to the doctor’s office. He told us I still had bronchitis and that a normal person would be better by now, so he gave me the third round of antibiotics :P and told me I have probably pulled a muscle in between my ribs. (nonetheless we cancelled English that morning)
BUT WHAT I LEARNED from that was that I prayed harder and it just hurt worse! That just seems backwards right?! I was pushed to the point where it had to hurt worse in order for it to get better to get more medicine to get the bronchitis to fully go away and to get pills to get the pain to go away. Sometimes God has to push us to a breaking point in order to have us change something. Sister Hartley and I would have gone and taught English if I hadn’t hit that breaking point but in order for me to fully recover I needed different antibiotics. God answered my prayers by what might seem like making the problem worse but I know that's what it needed to be. That was my lesson of the week.

Thursday: Taught a training and Sister Hartley noticed i didnt cough at all during my part! Yay! 

(the bronchitis is going away!)

SUNDAY! BAPTISMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, baptisms are the best!! Her stepmom gave a talk and her dad baptized her. It was so great. My favorite part of all the baptisms I've attended over my mission is afterwards when the investigator shares their testimony. It’s so powerful! I love it.


Happy day!
These are my Sansar buddies
Special day!
I haven't seen her since October!  My 2nd companion in Mongolia!

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