Saturday, August 27, 2016

"I have Bronchitis! AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!"

From July 31st

I'VE NEVER TAKEN THIS MANY PILLS IN MY LIFE!!! but before we talk about why lets talk about Monday. We meet with a family we have been meeting with since February and the mom is a member, the daughter just recently got baptized and we were teaching about eternal families and temples. The father was home, (we have been working on him for a long time, little by little) he decided to sit in the lesson!!!!!!!!!!!! he even read from true to the faith and scriptures! The goal of this lesson was hopefully to get them to do Family Home evening together. We also hoped the father would be home and he was!! they all promised to do FHE with us this week! It should be good!  #miracleoftheweek

Oh for pday we also went to Shangralaa a buffet. that was super yummy. then we thought we made friends with this little boy, he started to pretend to bit us and then he literally BIT ME!! :P NOT COOL little man! (:

Tuesday- Exchange with bayanzurhk sisters, met the first Mongolian member in Mongolia! All of her children had served foreign missions it was amazing!! (: the exchange was great except... i was running a fever all day. then i died that night coughing and have a fever!

Wednesday- cancelled English, slept, ran a fever, cancelled lessons, coughed...

Thursday- went out taught English  ran out of breathe singing with the kiddos, Sister Hartley did half of the class! haha then on time they were being a little rowdy  and Chimka (alady who works at my school) came in and told the kids in Mongolian " Your teacher has a cold, love her a little bit alright?" then we continue and as class was ending we asked the kiddos what did you learn today and and one little boy said "love your teacher" hahaha!! then we came home I was soo winded and tired we had to take a break walking home and  I had a coughing fit when we got home. and we called the doctor. he told us to rest Friday through Sunday.

Friday and Saturday - slept, did weekly planning, ran a fever, coughed studied Mongolian, coughed called EVERYONE and told them to come to church, coughed, fell asleep, coughed again you get the idea hhaa (: 

Sunday we did walk down and partake of the sacrament but didn't stay for all three hours.

So the doctor told me "I have Bronchitis*! AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!!" (:

(*he said i either have bronchitis, a viral upper respiratory infection, pneumonia, but I like calling it bronchitis!) 

I have been taking 4 pills everyday! and then some repeat again during the day (: Aren't you proud of me mom!! (: So that was my week! (: but hey I'm feeling much better today! This next week will be great! DON'T GET BRONCHITIS, AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!! (:

Sister Bennett (:
Don't bite me!

Shangralaa Buffet

a little walk on pday

Sister Hartley in our home made sauna

me in the sauna
bad week!

taking pills - sick all week!

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