Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Can you say BITTER-SWEET?!

I got my visa on Thursday morning and since then Sister Baker and I have seriously been struggling with an array of emotions...

Well on a funny note last Monday we go the grocery store dressed up in church dress like good little sister missionaries and we are checking out and the cashier asks us in the most monotone voice, " guys nuns?" it was hilarious, NOPE! we then of course explained to her. #imnotanun

This week we met with Ximena one of our great investigators! and before I got my visa I told her I was waiting for it to then go over there, and in the most heartbreaking voice ever she says, "...why?" ): my goodness, #iloveXimena

Well I survived a month in California and to put it I think in the best way possible, IT DOESN'T MATTER WHERE YOU SERVE. as long as you have the right attitude, and are willing to have faith, the Lord is ready to help you do His work, and I cant even put in words how grateful I am to have been able to serve in this part of the Lord's vineyard. I cant believe the miracles that have been falling from the heaven. He is ready to help us see those if we are ready to have the faith and the work for those miracles. (:

ONE of the Miracles of the week: 
Well we were rushing to an appointment and were a few minutes late, anyways we were driving to an appointment and we were  hurrying cause we thought we were going to be late. so we put it in the GPS and it said we would get there at 7:05 and we were on our way when our GPS stopped working so sister baker was just driving and we knew we weren't anywhere near the apartment complex. So as I was trying to fix our GPS we kept going and since the roads here in California are curvy, we curved around a neighborhood and there it was the apartment complex we needed, like WHAT?! and then we look at the time it was 6:55, OUR AREA HERE IN NEWPORT IS HUGE! We are so sure that God picked up our car and put it right in front of the complex because obviously we needed to be on time for that appointment. #miracles #whenGodpickedupourcar 

We had 8 investigators at church on Sunday can you say insane?! Heavenly Father is really working on the people in this area, including us! we came into this area with 1 investigator and man I am so blessed to know each of them! #seeingmiracles

Went to this super sketch Mexican restaurant this week I thought it was good but Sister Baker didn't think so. #gottabetoughforMongolia

So we were in a park contacting and so I gave a because of Him pass along card to this Spanish lady selling snow cones, the conversation was limited because we couldn't understand one another, anyways then before we left the park we decided to buy a snow cone and she had put the picture in the see through bin above her cart which held the snow cone juices, but she put it so she could see it. So cool! #Jesusaffectslives

well I'm headed out and I'm not sure I'm ready but heavenly Father obviously thinks I'm ready, so lets get on with it!

Miracles happen! What miracle is He trying to work in your life?

-Sister Bennett

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