Monday, July 20, 2015

Hello from the future (:

So last week I ate something funky and my body was NOT happy Saturday night after Naadam, so we were at home studying and so as I was dying on the floor, my companion is trying to pep talk me, I'm not sure she understood, that it was my body that was killing me and that I still wanted to be a missionary. ha ha (: but anyways she was reading me scriptures and then she kept telling me "YOU CAN" in English, and I'm just thinking "I can what?! DIE? THROW UP? MAKE IT THROUGH MONGOLIA?" haha well I can let you know I am still alive and well haha (: but if you ever need a pep talk for anything my companion says, "YOU CAN!" #youcan

This week our home has literally been falling apart! ha ha our light went out in our house, bathroom, living room all except our bedroom, thank goodness. So yeah our apartment thank goodness had candles and since our bathroom was pitch black we did everything by candlelight. ha ha at least you never looked bad while getting ready but on the other hand leaving the house and looking in the mirror was a different story!

So UB (Ulaanbaatar) goes through periods of time where they turn off the hot water, to fix pipes or something. So this week we have had NO HOT WATER, and the normal water here is freezing cold, like ice water, so its a good temperature to drink, but to shower in a different story. So yeah this week I had to shower by boiling water on the stove and pouring it over myself to shower... I'm definitely learning what real blessings are! #Hotwaterisablessing #sorrydadIdidntwashbehindmyears yeah I look forward to when our hot water will work again. (:

We went to a member's house the other day and they served us boiling hot milk and mom you should be proud me, I DRANK IT ALL! but as I brought it up to my mouth to drink it fogged up my glasses it was so hot, but my companion was drinking it, so I thought I can be a man! and I can drink this too ha ha! I drank it trying to sip it like her, BUT MY TASTE BUDS WERE DEFINITELY DYING! and I am pretty sure as I drank it the cup kept filling up! ha ha but my taste buds still feel weird and that was a few days ago... but I asked my companion how she drank it because it was so hot! and she said it's because I am Mongolian, OH DUH! Pft! :P #imnotmongolian #neveragain #iwontgetthosetastbudsback (:

So my companion was commenting on how tan she has gotten this week and in English she said, "i was black fast!" ha ha ha! (: that's probably how my Mongolian sounds #sheisthecutest #englishlearners

We had zone conference this week and we were talking about the Book of Mormon and my favorite quote was definitely, "The Book of Mormon is like ice cream, we need a little bit EVERYDAY". So go eat some ice cream and read the Book of Mormon! (:

One of our investigators got baptized on Sunday! WOO!

It was pouring rain super hard outside and a nice protestant man gave us a ride and he was talking in English about how our Bible is different than his and I explained in simple English how we believe the Bible and the Book of Mormon and I was able to tell him, and he kind of understood I think, but then I told him, "you would like the Book of Mormon!!" #proselytinginenglish #iloveenglish

I found spaghetti sauce at the store and I MADE MY COMPANION BUY IT!!!! can you say happiness in a can? #americanfood (:

We were laughing last pday with some sisters and one of the Mongolian sisters said, "you are loud" and I apologized for laughing too loud but then she explained to me that bad people are loud and that I shouldn't be loud, ha ha yeah I'm not in America anymore #stillloud #definitelyamerican (:


Sister Bennett (:
They don't have small spoons here, they only have shovels in our apartment. ha ha!

Walking through Mongolia

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