Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Another great week on this side of the world:

Mongolia!  The view after we hike this hill to get to an investigators house! (: Super good lesson!
The spirit speaks in all languages let me tell you. We got into a taxi last Monday and I carry pass along cards but don't often give them out, but this time I had a distinct thought we need to give a pass along card to the driver. So I gave it to my companion with the money to pay for driving us. My companion then started talking to her, because I can't talk to people about the gospel without my companion starting the convo. So they were talking and we found out she was a former investigator,and wanted to learn more and later in the week we had an appointment with her and it was soo good, some of her family was there. She even invited the neighbor to stay for the lesson. IT WAS SOO GOOD! The spirit is real and is able to help me even though I don't know Mongolian (: 

Just so you know the Book of Mormon fixes everything. We had a lesson with a less active about tithing and we gave her a pamphlet, her little 2 year was looking at the pamphlet and one of the page folded up. He was getting frustrated because he couldn't get it to straighten out, so he puts the pamphlet on the table and started whacking it with the Book of Mormon to try and fix it! haha #thebookofmormonfixeseverything #evenworksasaHammer

My companion asked me to pray in a lesson since I can sort of do that or so I thought. So I said the prayer and I tried to say please help us to choose the right and I asked for other things and closed the prayer. My companion kind of laughed and said that instead of saying please help us to choose the right I said please bless the right onions?! HAHA! I don't even like onions #choosetheright #onions

In a lesson the other day, this investgator has a cute little 9 month old. (: they gave us cookies to eat and I was trying to break a cookie in half and when it broke I made kind of an "ahh" sound as it made a mess all over my lap. Then the baby takes the cookie out of its mouth and makes an ahhhh sound but much louder. Then my companion said we both make the sound the same. and then in Mongolian I said "it's because we both don't know Mongolian" they thought that was funny. I have to say I was proud of myself for being able to be funny in a different language :P #isoundtheSameasaBaby #idontknowmongolian

I will ask people questions a lot and I would say my question structure is improving a lot! But sometimes I will ask people a question and they will correct my question but then not answer it haha (: #wait #ineedananswer

Chapstick isnt neccesary here, the food is oily and therefore keeps your lips nice and moist... not sure how I feel about that (: #ummm

This week I realized happiness isn't getting ice cream, cookies or being able to speak a language perfectly. But that happiness is 100% determined by us?! We can CHOOSE to be happy! I don't know why it took me to come on a mission and realize that haha (: #duhmoment #choosehappiness #findjoyinthelittlethings I have to say what really brings happiness is counting your blessing and ultimately this gospel, what more can you ask for? #truehappiness (..well I'd still like warm water in our appartment soon, that would be good)

Life is good! and I am choosing happiness (:

Sister Bennett
Samuel the Lamanite moment after getting burned five times!
Otgonjargath's baptism, he kind of looks terrified haha (:

After the baptism

I think my companion thought this was funny and wanted to take a picture.

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