Monday, July 13, 2015


I definitely am learning to find JOY in the little things, like grilled cheese sandwiches haha! but at the same you have to completely shrug off all the bad things because if you dwell on them it will just weigh you down.

MINORITY!!! I have never been stared at so much in my life, I am definitely a white kid and stand out, because I don't look Mongolian or something like that?! :P

One of the blessing this week was a little girl about middle school age told me Mongolian was GREAT! It seriously meant the world to me cause she sincerely meant it even though I had only said basic things to her. yeah I'm just going to retell myself that all the time! (: #tendermercies

So we went an did service out in the countryside for another ward's less active and there was a cute two year old there and he came out and was doing service with us. Then we go back inside and then gave us food and my companion calls over the little boy and PANTS'S him. Then she tells him to go get some new pants on. haha! culturally its fine here for little children to run around with no pants on but still companion haha! #youcantdothat?

Yep! I love her!

We were outside our investigators house teaching him a lesson in the yard, and he of course has one of those scary dogs but it was far away from us when we first started talking then my companion asked if we could pray. So as we were praying I hear this tinkling bell and heavy footsteps coming towards us. I knew it was the dog coming towards us, YEAH I WAS PRETTY SURE I WAS GOING TO DIE. so I'm not sure what they were praying for in the prayer but I started praying that the dog wouldn't attack us. haha!so after the prayer I look up and its our investigators two year old! and he has a bell tied to his shoe so they can always know where he is haha! (: #prayerswork #howtoknowwhereyourchildis #ifyoulikeit #putabellonit

SO on the bus I purposefully practice my sentences for our lesson! Then since everyone is staring at me anyways that they then can learn something like families can be forever haha (:

We were teaching a lesson outside a little store and a friend of our investigator comes up and is talking to us. He asked if I was Russian and was just being really weird and loud. He was just talking to me and my understanding is really rough! haha but I look over at my companion and the investigators face and could tell something weird was up. BUT THEN THE MAN STARTED YELLING IN MY FACE, AND SPIT WAS FLYING EVERYWHERE!! :P he was yelling gertheth over and over and over which pretty much what my companion told me he was saying marry me!!!!! BLEH!!!! anyways then we got up to leave and he kissed both my companions and I hand and I was the most slobbery digusting thing ever, we went an bought hand wipes after that :P

Just in case you were wondering brand new babies all cry the same, we are definitely neighbors with a family who has a newborn baby. (:

Mongolian has a word that is the equivalent of the word eh! Te = eh! #mongoliaiscanada?

We got to go to Naadam and that was cool it was like a state fair! and then there was a performance and that was cool I think they went through Mongolia's development and there was Mongolian throat singing, because what's a Mongolian party without that?! haha (:
At Naadam

Life is good on this side of the world! (:

The food, fried bread, fried chicken and cucumbers haha

This week someone wrote this pointing to our door, in English it says i love you, hmmm we dont know who it was, weird?

In front of Chinggis Khan

Me and my companion

Mongolians wrestle in bikinis bleh!

The performance at Naadam

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