Sunday, July 5, 2015

HELLO from Mongolia!

Second of all: IT IS A LANGUAGE I DONT KNOW! haha (: (BUT I WILL)

Well we went grocery shopping and the things I recognized were Japanese ritz crackers, yougurt, ramen, and cheese to make grilled cheese sandwiches. AND THATS IT! haha I think I'll be able to survive off grilled cheese! #ImnotinKansasAnymore

This week has been insanely long, traveling and such we were traveling for 21 HOURS!!! and we even skipped a whole day too (: 
but the time difference from Las Vegas is about 16 hours ahead and I AM 6,107 MILES AWAY FROM HOME! WHAT?
Me and my companion at Tsaasen the place where Neal A Maxwell dedicated Mongolia with Ulaanbaatar in the background

My companion's name is Hansoaren, She is Mongolian and the sweetest! She was a chef before the mission so maybe I can get her to make me something other than grilled cheese haha (: but our comanionship consists of broken English and my broken Mongolian (: So we often end up playing sharades! but I love her and seriously we have so much fun even if the understanding is a little difficult at times! She knows a few american songs though, the itsy bitsy spider and you are my sunshine!! (: #bondingovermusic

My first sunday: ............................ yeah i didn't understand anything that was said besides he fact that sunday school was about the temple, I think? haha #BRAINFRIED But we did have 7 investigators at church so that was super cool and crazy! They also asked me get up and bear my testimony in sacrament meeting, I pretty much just smiled my head off, because then I can at least convey my happiness to be here!! 
But my favorite part so far was the little kids, I asked my companion how to say "do you want a sticker?" and I went around and gave the little kids Jesus stickers and UGH IT MADE ME SO HAPPY!! Cause they don't know i don't know Mongolian, they are just happy to get a sticker!! So I went up to this little girl and gave  her a sticker and then her Mom started telling me a story about her daughter in Mongolian, haha yeah I just nodded my head and smiled and then laughed when she laughed, I'm sure it was a funny story if I would have understood it haha (:
but one thing I did understand at church was when people would talk to my companion they would say, "sheen nomthugch" which means new missionary. #brandNew #idontunderstandmongolian #butiunderstandthat haha (:

But hey I'm not considered short here :D #sameheight 

Things are good in this area of the world!! GOD LOVES HIS CHILDREN, and that's why I'm here to tell them that! Well I better go learn how to tell them that! haha
LOVE YOU ALL! Have a great week! (:

Sister Bennett
Me and UB (Ulaanbaatar)

Walking to email

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