Sunday, August 16, 2015

Always Smiling

English teaching is crazy! On Thursday it was so rough I was pretty sure I was gonna QUIT! Not that I can do that :P haha but I had a new set of kids ages 10-12 and they couldn't understand me, the room was chaos a mix between letting them practice dialogs but than hearing them speak Mongolian instead, they were wacking each other left and right and it was 100% because of my poor classroom management. I HAD TO FIX IT. I want these students to learn English have fun and become better people. So I was pretty down after this class and my companion noticed and said  "you can, you have angels to help you."  MAN IS THAT TRUE. So the next day I went and visited Sister Francom who taught 5th grade for years, she helped me soooooo much and I was ready to conquer the world after that. So on Saturday I teach those same classes as on Thursday. We set up a point system, and they were insanely good! There were definitely angels helping me out. It was the best, I know everyday isn't going to be like that but I'm shooting for that (: #thanksgrandma&grandpa

They also sang the alphabet this week and said, "x, y, zed" I loved it #littlebitofcanada

After I told the class about the point system I had them do a dialog with their partner as soon as I was done explaining it, there was a little boy who didn't have a partner sitting right by him, so he immediately started hopping from the chair next to him and back to his chair, talking to himself, doing the dialog. It was the cutest thing, but a real lesson right there on obedience, he didn't have a partner but still accomplished the task that he was told to. What an awesome and cute example. #obedience

One of our investigators was having a rough time praying and would give up mid prayer but this week he offered 3 full prayers!!! Without giving up! Ahh! I was so excited for him, and I love to see the growth of testimony (: #Godlives #helovesus #prayerworks

IN America we have taco buses, in Mongolia we have hoosher buses. yum.
Perks of Mongolia: In a five minute travel radius of our apartment there are 10 little stores, it's the best. (:

Apparently in Mongolian Bailey means glove (:

But Mongolia is great and I'm learning new things everyday! My accomplishment of the week: this week I've been able to be funny in Mongolian, and not just people laughing at me but at my comment haha (: 

Always smiling,
Sister Bennett (:

The sisters in my district

Kinder Eggs, sort of, a little piece of Canada

I got your package.  The M&Ms were gone first.  I'm excited to give out the Hong Kong Temple pictures!


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