Monday, August 3, 2015

I'm feeling very blessed to be in this little area of the world.

I love my companion. We get along really well and try hard to be patient with one another in translating. She is always willing to help me and to serve me, what a great example of Christ-like love. She always is rooting me on too, I'm pretty sure I got one of the best trainers in the mission! I'm learning so much from her. 
This week we were eating rice and my companion always puts ketchup on it and so I always do too. I just would think to myself, "wow my companion always makes spicy food" so then I'd put more ketchup on it. Then just the other day I ate some rice that wasnt spicy and I thought meh I'll put some ketchup on it anyways. THEN MY mouth is on fire like all the other times. I finally put two and two together: The ketchup is what's spicy, not the rice. #thatsNOTketchup 

We bought KFC this week, yeah that was dangerous! It's right across from the school I will be teaching at! I ordered just a simple sandwich, some mashed potatoes and ice cream. As we were at KFC two thoughts ran through my head, the first came while eating, "wait food tastes this good?!" and the second came as we were leaving, "why did it have to end?!" it was soo good haha (: it made me realize how different the food really is here, but don't get me wrong mongolian food is great just different (: #iamanamerican #iloveamericanfood

The most American store in UB is called GOOD PRICE and we looked at the cereal and the most expensive cereal was frosted mini wheats and it was 20$!???! what that is sooo expensive here when a bag of cookies costs about a dollar! 

My companion told me this week that she wrote home to her family that I love food, and that I always make us eat. It's cause all I understand is food!!! :P haha (: 

So I met with my sponsors this week, and I'm like wait I DONT KNOW HOW TO BE A TEACHER?!, but its okay I've got God on my side! This week I'm teaching 6 classes, Thursday Friday and Saturday, each day I am teaching 2-two hour classes. There is an advanced intermediate and a beginner class. and I'm teaching them each twice this week. They told me they range around high school age. They called me Baileyann at the first meeting it was so cute, but yeah wish me luck #sharprocksatthebottom #mostlikely #bringiton

I gave a little kid a Jesus sticker at a member's house. I then asked his who it was and he said grandpa HAHA hmm, not quite. (:

Can I just say being a missionary is great! when I get the opportunity to share my testimony it strengthens it even more. Even if it is in broken Mongolian. And Mongolia is BEAUTIFUL! what more could I ask for, I'm feeling very blessed to be in this little area of the world. 

Sister Baileyann (:

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