Friday, August 14, 2015

Life is good, and God is watching out for each one of us I know it!

Yeah I don't even know how to describe this week, it has been the fastest and craziest thing of my life. 

We had a super and fun and great conference this week, which we did in a ger, which I'm not sure many missions can say they do that :P It was out in the countryside and was beautiful!!!! MONGOLIA IS BEAUTIFUL!
Inside where we had lunch. In a giant ger, "king size", as they called it

Mongolia is Beautiful!

I definitely learned that God answers prayers, if we have faith and are looking for our answers. I was very scared the night before the conference because I was teaching English for the first time the next day and wasn't going to have but maybe 30 minutes prep time the next morning. I was feeling very inadequate, but after praying for help, I felt mostly at peace about it throughout the conference which I was grateful for and I thought it was an answer to my prayer, which it was but Heavenly Father had even more to give me. On the bus ride back I sat by sister Overson and learned she was an English major and she was able to help me so much. I took so many helpful notes that were able to help me teach English better than I ever could have on my own. Definitely an answer to prayer, So I  learned Heavenly Father will provide if we are trying.

First day of teaching English, the very top sign with the book tells about my class.

At the conferance President Benson's daughter, who is about 4, was wearing overalls and looking seriously the cutest! I COULDN'T GET OVER IT. So I said to her "stop looking so cute okay?" (: and her response was priceless, "I CANT!" haha She is the cutest. Wish I could say the same (: #cantstopthecuteness #Missingmyoveralls

President Benson's daughter and her overalls, I love overalls!!

I love being able to learn everyday here, it's the greatest. #somethingneweveryday
Let's get to the good stuff, ENGLISH. I'm pretty sure it's the best thing ever but will be the death of me. I taught by myself 2 beginner classes and they were ages 10-15, so we literally played an spoke English the whole time. Then I had an intermediate class that ranged from ages 15-30 it was a crazy gap, but that class ended and will be replaced with another group of kids they told me. The other class I taught was advanced and they have pretty good English and they are about 15-17. Here's how I would describe teaching English: The most rewarding and exhausting four hours of my day because I'm dancing around the class the whole time. My voice afterward is shot though from having them do whole group repetitions after me. It's the greatest and hardest thing ever. definitely mixed feelings. (: #iloveit #imscaredtoteachthisweek

Me, terrified to teach English!

Okay want to hear about one of our investigators?  So it's this little couple and they are a little older. So it's hard for him to get around. They left church at 3 when it ends and got home at 5:30!! It took them a round trip of 5 HOURS TO GO TO CHURCH! can you say FAITH? we taught them The Book of Mormon after church yesterday. Ugh I love them, they are the cutest, they walk arm in arm to stabilize one another it is the cutest. #thecutest #INSPIRING

Cutest couple ever!

Life is good, and God is watching out for each one of us I know it! (:
Sister Bennett  (:

A little hike after our conference.

Some of my favorite people!

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