Monday, August 24, 2015


This week was great, much better than the week before, Let's start with English, it was so much better this week, I feel like I've got a little bit of a hang of lesson planning and teaching. It was conquerable this week. I made my children's classes this week sing Glorious!! ahhhh!!! it was the cutest thing and I definitely teared up and I just about cried because they have hardly an idea what they were singing about but it was just so beautiful #TEARSOFHAPPINESS haha (:

Then after one of the English classes my sponsor came in saw Glorious on the board and asked about it. Then he saw my mp3 player and said oh "whats this?" I told him I use it to play the songs and he asked if he could hear the song, so I played it, then he asked if he could go through my mp3 player and I said sure but warned him its all church songs. He said that's okay (even though I'm not sure he understood what I meant) and started going through my mp3 player, He listened to Glorious and then skipped to the next song. So as you can try and picture this cute happy Mongolian man skipping through my playlist as the students for my next class trickle in and next plays, nice and loud "I believe in Christ" through the whole little school. IT WAS AWESOME. I didn't do it! #IbelieveinChrist #sortofproselyting?

We taught an investigator this week when we met with him to teach word of wisdom he had already decided to quit earlier that morning! even before we taught it! He's trying to be more like Jesus and I love seeing these investigators progressing! #mightychangeofheart

So we've already started listening to Christmas music in August, WICKEDNESS I KNOW. but wait I have a good justification of why its okay in our circumstance! In America the rule is listen to Christmas music after Thanksgiving right?! right. Well Mongolia obviously doesnt have Thanksgiving, so the next closest holiday is Naadam, and since Nadaam was in July, IT'S OKAY RIGHT?! definitely a shoutout to Stephanie, Emily and Mikayla! I've changed my ways! Chirstmas music is always okay! #silentnight #marydidyouknow #inexchelsisdeo

Used a noil (or their outhouses) for the first time this week!! #probablytoomuchinfo #yeahImgratefulforflushingtoilets

We were helping some sister find a ride to darhan and so as we were saying bye we gave hugs cause we are girls and and said goodbye and then I turn around and this Mongolian man, has his arms wide open for a hug and says "za bye". PFTTT! tooo funny (: (dont worry mom I didnt give him a hug) we laughed and I said its okay in Mongolian #funnymongolianman #nicetry

We had a lesson this week with an investigator in a members home, this member is a semtress and had made a dress, so after the lesson my companion and I were admiring it. and all of a sudden the members wanted me to try it on and then out came the jewelry, they had me sit down for that one. So it became dress up the American time and then they took pictures with me? #reallifedressup They were sad I didnt have my ears pierced :P #iwishihadpictures

Well life is beautiful and Mongolia is wonderful! (: Have an awesome week! love you all!
Sister B (:
Mongolia is beautiful!

We made tortillas.

We made Tacos!!!

Just walking down the street.

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