Monday, August 31, 2015


Can you say a little bit terrified?! Now I need to know where investigators live and crazy things like that!? ahhhhh! but it's all good, I know God will help Sister Munkhzul and help this area! (:

 Sister Munkhzul is seriously so patient and loving it's awesome, I'm going to learn so much from her!

This past Tuesday we were teaching a couple (investigator) and I said we should pray every morning and night and the wife repeated me to make sure she understood correctly then nudged her husband and said they should do that and later in the lesson the man falls asleep, so stinkin cute, so we keep teaching and his wife notices and whacked him to wake him up. So as soon as he wakes up he says "exactly!!" (or yag zov) to what my companion was saying. It was too funny (:

So I was teaching the children's English class and we were learning about opposites, big/little, rich/poor, married/single. So as we were going through the vocab list of opposites, one little boy says, "teacher, teacher, teacher!!" until he has the whole classes attention as well as mine and he yells, "I'm single!" HAHA! even though he was being a disruption, he was speaking english and was excited to do so! So I'm all for that! and he definitely made us all laugh! (:

Made my first phone call this week! (: #littleprogress

So after a lesson on Saturday we were walking down the street and in a car I see this cute little hand waving at me! and I realized it was one of my English students, and she was excited to see me! ahhh! I died a little bit it was too cute! #tendermercies

I NEEDED A HOLIDAY! So on Wednesday I declared that August 26th was American Food Day! I was sooo excited!!! I even drew in my planner a giant American flag haha (: For breakfast I made pancakes that were pretty good! then for lunch was mac and cheese from America #thanksma! and then for dinner our whole mission went to Round Table Pizza and had some great food there! All in all I LOVE AMERICA, and I LOVE AMERICAN FOOD! haha BUT DON'T GET ME WRONG MONGOLIA IS GREAT AND I LOVE IT! #neededaholiday #august26thAmericanfoodday

After Round Table Pizza we went to a traditional dance/musical group and that was pretty sweet! MONGOLIAN CULTURE IS SO COOL! I just wanted to get up and dance with them!

MONGOLIA is great!
Sister Bennett (:

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