Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Missions are awesome!

Spiritual thought from scripture study today,
 Choose the right and just don't be wicked!
#simple #CTR

Tuesday we had 4 lessons, and were busy all day it was the BEST DAY EVER!! (: 

One of my English students called me over to ask a question, let me preface it with this boy has a lot of desire along with A LOT of questions. While I was walking over to where he was sitting, He fell out of his chair. and I asked him if he was alright and as he's still on the floor, he was super disappointed and goes "martchihjee" which means he completely forgot!  too funny! (:

We bought pizza last week, it was gone that day! soo good! (:

Here's what I've realized about life, if you really have desire you can do almost anything, God blesses us when we work hard. My English students who have desire I can see a lot of improvement. But i'ts also the same with learning Mongolian we have work hard to earn it. so it takes desire and hard work and you can conquer anything. #lifethoughts

I'm still learning Mongolian alright... ha ha (: I invited an investigator to come a baptism for the next day over text and she thought I was inviting her to be baptized the next day! #beSpecific #ha ha

Wanna know how awesome my companion is!? On Wednesday we were burned a little bit and ended up doing 3 hours of language study so we could meet with people on Friday and Saturday. so then I told my companion "we are never doing language study ever again!!" and she told me, "if you show me a bad example I will not follow you, but you show me good example so I always follow you". ha ha!  Anyways, yes we have done language study since last Wednesday. but I liked the first part of what she said that if I did a bad job she wouldn't follow me, because obedience is super important no matter what your companion is doing and I'm glad we have learned that together! (: 

Missions are awesome and would highly recommend it for anyone pondering it! (:

Sister Bennett

PS If you've emailed me and i haven't emailed back, I'm sorry email time is super short and I hope to get around to them one email at a time! 

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