Monday, March 21, 2016

A little bit of my heart will go to America tomorrow


Well Solongoo's baptism is this week on Saturday! super exciting!

Found hot dogs this week! I had to almost beg my companion but it was probably the best decision we made this past week! (:

um we found hot dogs I'm pretty sure it was the best thing ever...
We  met with a less active this week, and she normally has been pretty busy but we have been able to meet with her about 1 time a month cause that's all she has time for. This past time in her closing prayer she mention she was grateful she felt that her heart was softening! The spirit works in awesome ways! (: sometimes fast and sometimes slow but if we listen he always helps us out!

So transfers are out and I'm now with sister Guild! but still in Sansar thank goodness! (:

We also have another little golden investigator who goes to seminary and has come to church now 4 or 5 times in a row and hasn't been able to meet with us except once. Now this week we were able to meet with her, and we taught about prophets, Jesus Christ and apostasy and then the grand finale Restoration! and she said after the lesson, that she had always wondered how the priesthood went from Jesus Christ to us having it now. #meetwiththemissionaries #theycanhelpyou

Maralmaa is leaving tomorrow WE HAVE BEEN TOGETHER FOR 4 MONTHS! That's almost a 4th of my mission! I'm pretty sure a little bit of my heart will go to America tomorrow at 4 am! :P 

Anyways things are good! & being a missionary is awesome! (:

That's all for now.

Sister Bennett! (:

PS YOU CAN GO OUTSIDE AND NOT FREEZE! I wear a light jacket now and it's the most beautiful thing of my life! I'm pretty sure I was smiling all day last Tuesday cause I just wore a light jacket outside!

Welcome to Mongolia sunset!

My new companion is wearing burgundy and glasses! Isn't she cute?!

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