Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Finding miracles everyday!

We played volleyball with the ward for a ward activity this week! Even though it was only for 15 minutes, IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. I hadn't played volleyball in 8 months. I'm really tempted to buy a volleyball here... #ireallyLOVEvolleyball

One of our investigators this last week finally met with us after not meeting with us for about 3 months, and when we met with her she told us about one of the people that goes and gets haircuts from her and he keeps telling me to meet with you, and she said I think his name was President Benson? haha! YUP That is his name. and he even does his job when getting a haircut! #bestMissionPresidentEVER

Just last night we were teaching a Book of Mormon lesson and I asked some sort of question about the Book of Mormon and the little six year old, thinking I was asking her specifically, said, "eahhhh?! I don't know ENGLISH?!" with a very sincere concerned face!! We all started laughing!! for the record I was teaching in Mongolian, and she has understood me before :P haha #mongolianOrEnglish?!
but hey God has helped me get pretty far with learning the language so I'm grateful for that!

My companion bore her testimony in church on Sunday and told everyone she got her visa and that she was leaving soon and it got us three dinner appointments for this week! #Yum 

That's is all. I am still in Mongolia, finding miracles everyday. It's a pretty good life.

Sister Bennett (:

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