Tuesday, March 29, 2016

That's when I pretended to not understand what he had just said...

My and my companion moved to a new apartment this week we have a sweet camel rug on our way out the door every morning! #perks 
Sweet camel rug!

Said Goodbye to Maralmaa on Tuesday! ):

I was talking to a taxi man this week. He told us all about his life and how he is a animal doctor and has two daughters and has family out in the countryside. He even had us look through pictures on his phone of the countryside since I told him i havent been yet. He said you can come with me if you write down my number I go all the time!! ....that's when I pretended to not understand what he had just said. haha but he was way nice and I'd probably take up his offer if I weren't a missionary. :P

Then Saturday we had a baptism with two investigators being baptized! One of them shared her testimony on how she wanted to live with her Heavenly Father again. Isn't that what this life is about, learning and striving to live with Him again?! It was just awesome! (:

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So I had a cold hit me hard on Saturday and then I taught English for 6 hours and I still had a little bit of a voice after that. But On Sunday MY VOICE WAS COMPLETELY GONE. So then when I'm trying to talk to people I'm like whispering at them as loud as I can. The funniest thing though is there was a member who whispered back and I think he just thought I was being quiet cause we are at church. Which hey that's a pretty good reason!

So life's pretty good. I only sound like a man with a cough now so that's much better than whispering at people! I like being a missionary. Its pretty great and I got a pretty great companion too! #cantgetmuchbetter!

Sister Bennett

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