Monday, March 14, 2016

The 1 Hour Challenge

On Monday we went to a museum. We were looking at a picture and this cute girl in a little fancy dress came up raised her arms to try and get it so we couldn't see the picture :P So then we just started talking to her, I told her "your dress is really cute" and I used the Russian word for dress (dress=plaje, which is pretty commonly known) and she said NO its a dashinz. (dashinz=dress in Mongolian) and so I apologized "oh sorry I meant dashinz" and she said, "she said no say dashinz!!" well nonetheless don't pick fights with little girls in cute dresses because she won!

My companion pointed to this 2 year old boy's stomach and said whats that? and then to his hand and cheek. and he told inside that there was a beast!! #toocute

One of our investigators is prepared for baptism but the best part is you could see it in her eyes. That she has changed and come unto Christ little by little and that you can see it in her eyes!

Random thing I miss for the week is root beer! There isn't any root beer here :P 

At church I learned there are 168 hours in a week? and even if we slept for 9 hours every night we still have 105 hours in a week and then the speaker mentioned How many of those hours do we give to God? through going to church, reading scriptures, prayers,serving, going to the temple? So here's my challenge for the week take an hour and give it God this week. Whether you break it up and do a little something everyday, or set aside an hour all together. I know that through doing little things God without fail has to bless us! So ready set GO! #THE1hourchallenge

Missionary life is good! I'm grateful for the opportunity I get to give God my time! I hope I give it the best I can!

Sister Bennett

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