Sunday, June 12, 2016

I'm 21?!

WHAT?! All of a sudden I'm 21?! I'm not really sure how that happened? While I was teaching English, the other staff at the school came in and sang and brought flowers and cake!!!! It was super sweet!!! So I pretty much teach at the best school ever!

Happy Birthday to me!  Best school ever!
We made Tsuivan this week completely from scratch the noodles an everything I think that's an accomplishment!! (: 

We also went to the huduu or the countryside this week with our ward that was fun! I've been here for almost a year and that was the first time I had Mongolian barbecue!

Gers in the countryside.  Look at the sheep on the hillside.
We also saw camels this week out in the countryside they were being herded by a man on a motorcycle! 

I think the thing that I was most grateful for this week was the people around me, the thoughtfulness of the people at my school, the cutest of some of my students who brought me a gift, my awesome companion, the people I get to teach the gospel to and the great members that are in our ward! You can't get better than that right?! #blessedinmanyways

Sister Bennett

Visit to a Buddhist Temple on p-day!

Buddhist temple

Buddhist temple 

Mongolia is Beautiful!

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