Monday, June 13, 2016

Laugh along the way

I pretty much love teaching the English classes that I have right now! On Monday in our classes we talked about a goal we wanted and some people said they wanted a master degree, to become a better English teacher or improve their conversational English skills. I said my goal is I want to be a mom. Then one of the student asked me how old I was? and I said 21. and then she said why do you want to be a mom? and I had no good answer or at least that's what i felt like. But here's my good answer, then I can teach my future children about their Heavenly Father and how to return to him and that's the best responsibility anyone could have. Granted it will be hard but rewarding! I'm pretty sure being a mom is probably the best job ever.

We also talked about koalas and Australia in that class and all of a sudden I had the desire to go to Australia! haha! Maybe one day when I'm rich!

At church a member gave a really good talk at church and they shared a story. It was about two members who went to the same restaurant but would always go at different times. The one would always order tea and the other always order coffee, but then they found out they both liked that same restaurant so they decided to go together. They both are members and when they went together they both ordered water and the waiter noticed and said you always order tea and you always order coffee whats different about today? The moral of the story was integrity. That we need to be the kind of members who do what's right when no ones looking.

We met with a member last night and shared a spiritual thought and she shared a spiritual thought with us. It was a win win situation too she spoke English with us and we spoke Mongolian! haha She shared a talk about discouragement and my favorite part that she shared was, "if you don't like the way you are feeling, change the way you are thinking." I just thought it was a good reminder of how important our thoughts are.

I've been noticing something lately I RELEARN THINGS OVER AND OVER. I looked over planners and Mongolian words that I had written down over my mission, I had written most words twice and sometimes 3 times at different times in my planners. Then that member shared that quote with us. But it wasn't anything new. I remember Sister Wilkins sharing in the mtc that her mom said "change your thoughts change your life" So I'm realizing that over this life time in order for things to really stick we have to gain experience and learn it over and over again!

Funny experiences of the week:
We were teaching pre-earth life and we lived with our Heavenly Father talked about how two people volunteered to be our savior. "Satan volunteered then the green one was Jesus Christ" We meant to say the other one instead of the green one :P

We were teaching the end of the plan of salvation We told them which kingdom do you want to go to. She said celestial and we said "right we want to go to the Terrestrial kingdom!" Whoops!

We were talking to a member this week and she said she wanted to go on a mission but was a little scared. We told her "You only need one thing, marriage." we meant to say testimony.

We both are still learning and relearning Mongolian :P but making sure to laugh along the way (: Life is good!
Sister Bennett (:

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