Sunday, June 12, 2016

Missionaries are weak... because we are nice

Weekly highlights!

Best idea of the week: We bought Ranch last Monday! #GENIUS!

Mongolia Moment: I was reading the ingredients on our prized ranch bottle and I was reading thamin or some weird word like that. and i couldn't say the "th" sounds without a lisp! My companion couldn't stop laughing at me, I hope that's a sign I've learned Mongolian or something (:

We were walking home on monday and saw five pregnant women within 10 minutes so we decided to count for the rest of the week!! We got to a total of 41! Summer babies! and lets just be real June is a great month to have a birthday (: Especially June 3rd!! #winkwink!

I love teaching the Book of Mormon lesson! We were able to teach that lesson to a investigator, the Book of Mormon is so powerful I love it!

I taught a really great English class on Friday morning and I was pretty sure I figured out how to create the best English class so I tried to mimic it for Saturday and it did not go as well as the first time... haha but hey I found a good way for one class! #stillLearning

During Sister guilds English I was on a exchange. We went and taught a nine year old boy. When we went over there the first thing he said to us was "oh you got a new companion, is she American?" and then he said "Americans are so weak!" and I WAS OFFENDED!!! here was this nine year old telling me I was weak! and so I asked him "why are Americans weak?" and he said it was because "whenever I arm wrestle them I ALWAYS win! I probably could do it with just one finger its sooooo easy" and then I understood exactly why he thought Americans were so weak haha! so I decided to tell him "I am stronger than all the Americans!!" and he got this scared look on his face, so I challenged him to arm wrestle, and he accepted and I gave him a run for his money but he won! :P and he was sooo happy! #toofunny #Missionariesareweak #beacuaseWeAreNice (: 

We also found a service opponortunity this week just walking home and helping this lady carry some boards home that she was really struggle with by herself! yay! #makingNewFriends

Life's pretty great! Can't ask for too much more cause that would be selfish!
Sister Bennett

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