Monday, June 13, 2016

Perfect missionary day

While working on the blog lately I noticed this post from May that I never published.  So here it is from May 2nd.  Keeping reading if you are looking for the June 13th post, it's just after this one.  You don't want to miss it it's one of my favorites!

This week we had planned a mission wide "perfect missionary day". I'm pretty sure Satan worked harder that day because it was NOT my idea of a perfect missionary day, but as long as you are working hard and being obedient I think everyday is a perfect missionary day, RIGHT?! (:

The weather is getting warmer?! AHHHHH!!!!! (: Go ahead and ask me if Im wearing tights?! CAUSE IM NOT!! :D #thatstruehappiness

Two boys in my English class fell asleep this week... So I made them stand up for 30 minutes of the class and do the English speaking exercises that way. They were too funny about it :P #myFavoriteLittleCrazies

We taught a lesson to an investigator this week, who has to tell her dad she wants to become a member, Her dad is a member of a different church so she is a little scared but we taught trusting in God and that it will all work out! and she afterwards said wow you two taught me a lesson I really needed! #yay! That means I'm doing my job right? (:

I read a cool quote this week that went something along the lines of Can we forget what we want to do and do what the Lord wants us to do? #ThoughtOfTheWeek

My companion touched a member this week, when she said "we need to look for opportunities to serve" Pretty much I have a great companion. #sisterGuild

MISSIONARY LIFE, ITS HARD, ITS GOOD! and there's no other way to describe it!

Sister Bennett (:

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