Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Are you drunk? No, I'm American!

From September 12th 

This week I called a new investigator to see if we could still come over, and I had yet to speak to this investigator over the phone and the conversation went like this.
-"Hi, how are you? can we still come over and met with you and your family?"
-can we come over still and meet with you and your family?
-what? I don't understand?
-Can we meet with you?
-Are you drunk?
-No I'm American! 

haha we figured it out and were able to meet with them and it was a way good lesson! but I'm not sure how I'm American really answered his are you drunk question :P haha 

We had mission conference this week and Sister Harper (my mission President's wife) talked about how when we have a bad attitude it kind of like us starting a fire in a wheat field! it just get's going! We should be positive so that the flame isn't ruining all the work we've done. (:

I met with President Funk (President of the Asia Area of the church) this past week in a personal interview and I would say what I learned from him is that "the newest part of life should be the best part of life"!

Made fried chicken this week! you know it was a good week! Life is pretty great! (:

Sister Bennett (:

Mission Leadership Conference with President Funk

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