Tuesday, October 11, 2016

It's pretty great to be a missionary!

From October 2, 2016

This week taught the restoration lesson and then that investigator came to church on Sunday!! :D Yay for awesome investigators!

I went on an exchange with sister Tao on Thursday.  
Sister Tao and I

One of my co-workers was going to Korea and wanted to go out for lunch because I probably wouldn't see her again. So we went out to an Indian restaurant. It was yummy, I think Indian food is growing on me (: naan is soo good! we were so stuffed after it! :P

Lunch with my co-worker.  Indian food yum!
Taught college students this week in my English classes. Since teaching English here I have taught ages from 3 all the way to college students. My school keeps it interesting! :D haha

So we have this investigator who comes to church every week since February but hasn't been reading her scriptures because she doesn't understand them and she said she prays sometimes. We have been trying hard to love her and help her progress. We tried to meet with her this week but unfortunately she was sick and couldn't meet. Then she came to church on Sunday, and there was a drastic difference! She was happy and had a light about here and was willingly to pray and share her testimony in the gospel principles class. Guess what?! She read her scriptures trying to understand them and understood. It was insane to see the complete difference just by reading the Book of Mormon. 

It's pretty great to be a missionary! (:

Sister Bennett (:

The view from a member's window.  That's Chinggis Khan - to us Americans that's Genghis Khan.


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