Monday, October 10, 2016

One Year and Six Months Down!

From September 26th

I cant believe I've been a missionary for that long! It seriously flew by! but I do have to say everybody says that, but I actually didn't believe them! :P

This week sister Nelson and I prayed before we lef the house on Tuesday and she asked for help to let us know if we needed to change our lessons according to their needs. Then we met with a less active who her family opposes her in being a member, so we definitely were able to change our lessons to help comfort her and strengthen her better. #coolstuff

We invited a new investigator to be baptized this week! :D In the lesson before it was kind of crazy, tom and jerry was playing in the background (we asked them to turn it off, but the little kiddos turned it back on) and the little baby crawled over and knocked over the pee bucket which then ran all over the ger but this investigator was so focused it didn't distract from receiving the message which was awesome.

We met with our investigator who the cutest little grandma (: and we watched finding faith in Christ. During the movie she was making little comments, like "sooo true!" and it was the cutest she was just soaking it all up. (:

Sister Nelson this week went to shake the ranch bottle for dinner and the lid hadn't been screwed on so instead it was all over the table and couch! haha she then ate her fries with the ranch off the table yum!

Another day this week we also made watermelon helmets! haha (: 

Missionary life is pretty sweet! Happy conference week! Mine isnt till the following weekend but its gonna be awesome! (: 
Sister Bennett

Mission Leadership Council the Elders

Mission Leadership council - the Sisters

Naara (wonderful Mongolian Sister from LAS VEGAS!) and I

Watermelon Helmets

Sister Nelson and I

The Ranch

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