Sunday, October 16, 2016

Last One Standing

From October 9, 2016

Conference was great!! I really loved the talk about preparing for the sacrament (: 

On Tuesday I did a split with Sister Wilkins. I love her! 

She talked about how life is a bunch a moments. How this moment right now is the only one that matters.So just try to cherish each little moments, the good and bad because they make up a beautiful life.

Then on Thursday I bawled my eyes out when Sister Wilkins left Mongolia ): #LastOneStanding (All the sisters from my MTC group have gone home except me.)

Consider the pictures this week to tell a better story about this week! 

Have a bunch of great little moments this week!

Sister Bennett (:

Sister Austin and I

I love this girl!  Sister Wilkins!!!

Mongolia is cold!

Happy Zucchini

Uh Oh!

General Conference

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