Monday, October 24, 2016


This week's Daily Cry ratio: 1/1 (or in other words everyday!!!)

Shoutout to sister Hartley and sister Wilkins, I was telling sister Nelson a story this week and She said "wow your face is sister Hartley and what's coming out of your mouth is sister Wilkins". I have become a combination of two of my favorite people.

I taught English for the last time last week... weird!

Its snowed this morning, my shoes have holes and so I am wearing three pairs of socks. Mongolia life is always an adventure! 

Guess what??? An old investigator I taught in Sansar came back from the countryside and was receiving lessons from the Sansar sisters, and she is getting baptized tomorrow!! YAY!

Yesterday I woke up and thought, "NO NO NO!!!!!!" because I had only three more days in this beautiful little land they call mongol. That was my first thought yesterday.

I would say a mission is not what I expected it to be at all and any expectations I had weren't quite right. But it's exactly what I needed it to be!  This ride hasn't been a nice little merry go round it's definitely been bumber cars or a roller coaster or something. BUT I'M SO GRATEFUL FOR THIS CRAZY ADVENTURE! I'm grateful for the people I was able to Help. I'm grateful for the opportunity to teach English. I'm grateful for the hard and crazy awesome growing experiences I had. but I'm grateful for this crazy little beautiful experience. And I WOULDN'T TAKE IT BACK.

My favorite thing about Mongolia is the people! So many people I wish I could stuff in my suitcase and take home with me! (: 

The other day as we were going to bed, I was telling sister Nelson that actually I'm not going home, and that we will probably be companions next transfer. As she was falling asleep she just "mhmm denial will get you though". haha!

So I will not see you all on Thursday! #denial Have a great week!
Sister Glove

Me as Captain Moroni

It snowed!

Haha!  This lady whips out a picture of Jesus when we take pictures!

With one of our investigators.

My English class

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