Sunday, October 16, 2016

Goal of the week: Not bawl my eyes out!

MADE PIZZA THREE TIMES THIS WEEK! That's how you know it was a good week! (:

I got the package from the ward and special shout out to sister Hale!! THANKS SO MUCH!! (:

I did an exchange with sister Hansen we made pizza that was so beautiful and tasted so great we couldn't get a picture of it, because it was devoured so fast. Then we thought we had a pretty good day planned out, but it wasn't planned by us. ALL OF OUR PLANS FELL THROUGH. but we had backups and God had plans for us to meet with different people than we had planned, what was so cool is we were able to fill each one of the slots we planned to meet with people with different people that needed to be met with (: Gods plan's are always better. 

Shout out to Papa Hansen! (:

Seriously the best moments as a missionary are when you are in a lesson, the spirit is there and the investigator is intensely listening. that makes it all worth it. AND LET ME TELL YOU IT MAKES YOU NEVER WANT TO STOP BEING A MISSIONARY!! :P

There was a member in the ward who noticed my shoes on Tuesday and told me to show her little nephew because I told her my shoes are beat up because we walk so much. :P (Some other members don't quite get why I like that my shoes are so broken :P haha ) She then genuinely offered me a pair of her shoes. It was so kind. But I had to tell her I'm leaving soon (which I don't like telling anyone :P haha) But it's the kindness of people here that is just amazing! (:

Sister Nelson and I taught zone training this week, it turned out alright (: but shout out to Sister Hartley! I definitely said "YOU CAN SHUU DEE!!" like 3 times in the training!! (: haha 

Mongolia is amazing and my goal of the week is to not bawl my eyes out, we will see if I can achieve that :P 

Sister Bennett (:
An investigator's little kiddo. 

My area is great!

Sister Hansen and I

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